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Fiscal device    

Authorized Service Center for Fiscal Appliances. We offer sale and servicing of fiscal appliances                

Gas Station

We have software set up in the market that is present since 2002 for which we have special care.

Software for restaurant

Reliable software for managing a restaurant that works with all fiscal appliances  

Gigabel Computers is the authorized Duna Computers fiscal service center. Cities in which Gigabel Computers provides technical support are: Tetovo, Gostivar, Debar, Kerchovo and Makedonski Brod. 

Fiscal System for Gas pumps

ANDA LON - gasoline pumps connection system in accordance with the Law on Fiscalization. The system is connected to the LON platform and it is installed in 90 pumps throughout the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.
Software Solutions - part of the fiscal system for retail turnover from retail of petroleum products.
Electronic Customs Connection System - Supplementary part of ANDA LON - Customs Connection System in accordance with the Law on Mineral Oils Article 31a of the Law on Excise Duty on Petroleum. 

System for  

Driver - With our Fiscal Checkout and Mini-POS driver you do not need to learn how to use your fiscal cashier. Simply, you will connect the card with your computer, while the driver will allow you to print your fiscal accounts and reports.

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